William Wood, Chief Engineer


Bill Wood is Chief Engineer for Vista Photonics. He is an expert in circuit design, computer programming and digital signal processing and has been with the company since July 2005.

Bill holds a B.S. degree in Nuclear Engineering and has over twenty years of experience in analog and digital electronics development, programming, user interface development, and systems integration. Bill has designed and built sophisticated electronics and developed proprietary software for complex optical trace gas detection systems. He has implemented various control architectures for running laser diode based trace gas detection systems, external cavity lasers, and diode pumped solid state lasers.

While at Vista Photonics, Bill has designed electronics for systems containing multiple lasers which allow for precise, independent, control of laser temperature and laser current. He has integrated these analog circuits with digital processors for system control and data analysis. Bill has developed automated gas control systems, including hardware, software, and user interfaces, which allow for evaluation and calibration of gas sensors developed at Vista Photonics.

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