Miguel Casias
Miguel Casias is a Senior Research Engineer and joined Vista Photonics in January 2009.
He holds a Masters of Science in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Michigan with a concentration in dynamics, vibration, and statistical quality control. He holds two Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Psychology with a Mathematics minor from The University of New Mexico.
Miguel is an expert in programming, graphical user interface development and systems integration. He is competent in programming methodologies and syntaxes as C/C++, VHDL, LabVIEW (LV), LV FPGA/RT, etc. and well adept with 16- and 32-bit micro-controllers with onboard DAC, ADC, and communication interfaces for spectral data acquisition and processing. Miguel helped develop algorithms employing advance data processing techniques for a variety of applications. He uses LV-based executables to remotely control various devices and software. An expert in LV programming with various data acquisition boards, Miguel is also competent in VHDL programming on Xilinx CPLDs and FPGAs and in communication protocols for user interfaces. He is also proficient in various mechanical principles and computer-aided design (CAD) programs such as ProEngineer and Catia.
He worked at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) during his undergrad in the Structural Dynamics Engineering Organization where he performed modal analysis and coded in MATLAB for material characterization purposes.
Miguel has co-authored three papers in modal analysis of wind turbine blades with SNL as an intern.
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