09/2015: Multi-Gas Monitor - 09.24.15 (link will direct you to nasa.gov website)
03/2016: "EPA Sparks Local Business in Las Cruces, NM"
03/2016: "Vista Photonics seeks to make spaceflight more safe", published in the Las Cruces Sun-News 03.14.16
05/2016: "Pressure-Optimized Optical Breath Gas Analyzer for Portable Life Support Systems", published in NASA Tech Briefs 04.30.16
08/2017: Congratulations, Bill Wood!
05/2018: Vista Photonics, Inc. Receives Accreditation for ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D
06/2018: Vista Photonics, Inc. appears on the New Mexico Flying 40 list again! (external website link)
07/2018: Vista Photonics, Inc. receives SBIR Phase 1 from Naval Sea Systems Command
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12/2018: Congratulations, Taylor Pilgrim!
04/2019: Vista Photonics' ESD Program receives certification!
04/2019: Vista Photonics continues its work on its SBIR Phase 1 from Naval Sea Systems Command
05/2019: Congratulations Ivan White!
05/2019: Congratulations Hector Chavez!
09/2019: Vista Photonics, Inc. receives SBIR Phase II from Naval Sea Systems Command
06/2020: Taylor Pilgrim is promoted to Quality System Manager
06/2020: Ivan White is promoted to Senior Software Engineer
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03/2022: Paul Kitsmiller joins Vista Photonics, Inc.
04/2023: Dr. Jeffrey S. Pilgrim receives University of Georgia Chemistry Department Distinguished Alumnus Award
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